Sanyasa Yoga offers several possibilities to get acquainted with the ancient and traditional  Hatha and Rāja Yoga.

If you would like to receive more in-depth and theoretical knowledge on Yoga in addition to the physical exercises, and thus gain more peace, harmony and control of life, then we offer the possibility of following 12-week Hatha Yoga Courses

The aim of the course is to learn to become an independent Yogi/Yogini and over time become a Master of your own life, so you will not be dependent on a teacher or gym or school to do your exercises and to relax. Having such an external resource may sound convenient but in the long term this will not structurally solve anything. You need more internal knowledge for sustainable change.

The theoretical background is based on the original Sanskrit-scriptures and the method of the old seers (Rishis), which has always been used in all true Yoga schools: through realization of unconscious aspects man can foster better coordination, discover their real "I" and reach the highest levels of consciousness.


There is still a lot of misconception in the Yoga circuit about the function of the Asanas (physical exercises). Too often still they are used only to improve the physical body; to relax, loose weight, get stronger or more flexible. This is an incorrect approach and has little to do with real Yoga. Improved physical attributes are side effects that should result from the correct execution of the poses instead of being the main goal. Of course it is a nice bonus to gain control of life and at the same time achieve a gorgeous and healthy body.

However, the importance of the Asanas is undeniable according to the ancient writings.

Regularly performing and maintaining postures for longer periods of time provides strength and flexibility. This allows one to stay in long-term meditation and ultimately achieve the main goal of Yoga, which is enlightenment.

At Sanyasa Yoga it is possible to receive the lessons in this valuable way that is in line with the complete teachings. We look at your potential in a soft and honest way to get started. In a calm and playful way, with undivided attention for you, you will soon notice that your health is leaping towards improvement!

These classes are suitable for young and old, beginner or advanced​. Advanced Yoga practitioners have also benefited greatly from the lessons of our school and have discovered that there is still much knowledge and depth to be found in the postures they are already familiar with.

Business Yoga Course are also becoming more popular. Companies are starting to see the advantages of Yoga for their employees in that they experience less stress and improved focus, reduced sick leave and a generally improved atmosphere among colleagues, thus resulting in a more profitable business with happier staff.


A 5-day or 12-week course is therefore a perfect medium for team-building, which does not only improve the individual, but the whole company. 

Curious about what that could look like for your company? Contact us.

There is also the possibility of hiring us for lectures about Yoga during conventions or public events or demonstrations.

Suggestions for admission

  1. You are at least 18 years old;

  2. You are in good health;

  3. You are prepared to switch over progressively to a vegetarian diet and drink less alcohol;

  4. You are free of serious addictions;

  5. You admire the virtues of austerity, sacrifice, control of thoughts and emotions, detachment, tolerance and chastity (sound sexual behavior).

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