The Eight Steps

There are eight clear consecutive steps, following each other, in our very ancient Yoga training. They bring your conscious, slowly and steadily, to the highest spiritual levels:

  1. moral principles (Yama's): First you reconsider your existing habits towards violence, lie, theft, chastity and desire. Spending some time consciously helps you to obtain a nice attitude.

  2. moral ideals (Niyama's): Consequently you can lay a solid fundament in your social life by practicing purity, contentment, austerity, Self- study, and surrender to the Almighty.

  3. physical poses (Asana's): Then you can achieve physical health, power and suppleness by harmonizing the activity of the related energy centers (Chakra's) with the physical postures.

  4. energy control (Pranayama): When now your energy channels have been freed from big hindrances, you now can start with the control of your two fundamental energy streams and improve your vitality and physical power dramatically.

  5. detachment (Pratyahara): Unfortunately the above steps bring forth a highly increased sensibility. So now is the time to learn to withdraw your energy from the related perception.

  6. concentration (Dharana): Only then you can achieve a successful concentration of your mind on a chosen object. Your physical and emotional health increase. Your mental power appears.

  7. meditation (Dhyana): When there are no more disturbances in your concentration and you can steadily hold on to a chosen object you have reached the incredible stage of total control of your thoughts.

  8. the highest step, contemplation (Samadhi): Finally you obtain true knowledge, together with an awakening of your paranormal powers, by this wonderful technique of control of your higher consciousness.

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