Hatha Yoga Course 1

During this course the following topics are covered:​

  • Moral Principles (Yama)
    - Non-Violence (Ahimsa)
    - Truthfulness (Satya)
    - Honesty (Asteya)
    - Chastity (Brahmacarya)
    - Non-Desire (Aparigraha)

First of all, you start by looking at all existing habits and conditions in the areas of violence, lies, theft, lack of chastity, and desire in yourself.

This gives you much more peace.

  • Moral Ideals (Niyama)
    - Purity (Śaucha)
    - Contentment (Santosha)
    - Sobriety (Tapas)
    - Study of Self (Svadhyaya)
    - Surrender (Ishvara Pranidhana)

In addition, we try to lay a solid foundation in our being by understanding what purity, satisfaction, purpose, self-study and surrender to the Supreme mean.

  • Asana

Without a doubt, through correct practice of physical postures you will gain health, flexibility and strength. The starting points for this are steps 1 and 2​​.

  • Subtle anatomy

We do not only consist of a physical body. Everyone knows that we also have thoughts, emotions and intuition, but no one has yet been able to clearly explain how these aspects of energy fit together. No one was aware of the exact relationship of mind and matter. Ajita has gradually gained clarity about these life principles, in a wonderful way. The flow of information started in April 1987 because he wanted to know how the relationship between energy bodies and Chakras functions. Before the course starts you will receive a digital version of this very valuable spiritual knowledge.


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