Literature in class

During classes we mainly use the books of grandmaster Śri Yogācārya Ajīta Mahārāja from the Rāja Yoga Institute, Ilpendam, the Netherlands (an idyllic village just outside of Amsterdam).

The value of the content of these books is unprecedented and acknowledged by the International Yoga Federation (IYF). The IYF serves the interests of 400 million Yoga practitioners worldwide and protects the quality of yoga education. Ajita received an honorary membership in 2003 for his exceptional training. Next to that he is one of the main advisors for the Federation and chairman of the European Yoga Council.

Subtle Anatomy

The human being does not only consist of a physical body. Everybody knows that there is also thought, emotion an intuition, but until now nobody was able to tell you clearly how these aspects of energy fit together. Nobody was aware of the exact relation of spirit and matter. Ajita has received these teachings about the principles of life piece by piece in a wonderful manner. The information flow started in April 1987 because he wished to know what the relation was between energy-bodies and Chakras. Through these teachings, he offers you this precious spiritual treasure.

Download his free book "Subtle Anatomy" and enjoy of this introduction to the revolutionary knowledge of immortality.


Publisher: Het Rāja Yoga Instituut, Ilpendam,

Hatha Yoga Pradipika

As a result, Ajita also discovered in 1989 the true meaning of the old Yoga scripture called the "Hatha Yoga Pradipika", the bible of Hatha Yoga, written by the sage Svatmarama. It appears that the book explains how you can control life and reach immortality. During many years Ajita successfully tested the validity of this astonishing discovery. Because he is now completely sure that it is the truth, he can offer you this most precious spiritual treasure. But naturally you need the supervision of an expert teacher to access this material. Only then your success is guaranteed. So, please come to Ajita's Professional Yoga Training. This knowledge is meant for all men of good will. It will help solve all health problems on earth, and you can be part of this transformation.

Buy his book "Hatha Yoga Pradipika" and share with us the full theoretical background of this revolutionary knowledge of immortality.


Publisher: Het Rāja Yoga Instituut, Ilpendam,

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Lesson Scheme

There are many problems before one can reach the goal. One of them is the practice. Which exercises and sequence of exercises are the best? Another problem is the theory. Which information is essential to reach immortality and stimulate Self realization? And when? Ajita offers you the essence of his 56 years of experience: his complete 7 years "Lessons Scheme of the Basic-, Teacher- and Master Training Course" with all the exercises and theory, detailed per lesson, together with the suggested practice at home. This guide will help you make your dreams come true.


uitgeverij: Het Rāja Yoga Instituut, Ilpendam,

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Science of Soul

To reach paradise you need more than immortality. Longer life is not enough, you should also experience happiness. But how can you become happy, and even more, stay happy?

You need knowledge of and control over all parts of your being. This is why the Yoga techniques are so effective, because everything must first be under control when you want to install harmony and be happy. The old Seers (Rishis) called that "Science of Soul". Since 1984 Ajita gives his fantastic knowledge and realizations of that subject in his Professional Yoga Training.

Buy his book "Science of Soul" and discover your Self.


Publisher: Het Rāja Yoga Instituut, Ilpendam,

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Yoga Sutras

This resource provides an explanation of the eight steps of Yoga, the goal and the reason why Yoga can make your life so meaningful. The age old systematic description of Yoga by the world renowned Patanjali can help you. From the beginning, the 'Yoga Sutras of Patanjali' has therefore taken the most important place in Ajita's Training Courses. You can now enjoy Ajita's incomparable translation and comments on that book, which are based upon his highest realizations. Could misery really disappear from this world after all? The answer is unexpected.

Buy his book "Yoga Sutra's according to Ajita" and liberate your Self.


Publisher: Het Rāja Yoga Instituut, Ilpendam,

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YOGA DIPIKA - B.K.S. Iyengar

Paperback, Publisher: Karnak, Amsterdam,
ISBN10: 9063500289 | ISBN13: 9789063500283

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