Wesley Heijt

Pleased to introduce myself, my name is Wesley Heijt (Rāma). I am a 6th year student (2nd year Mastery) at the Rāja Yoga Institute in Ilpendam, the Netherlands, where I follow a seven year study of the complete, classical Yoga Science according to Patanjali's eight fold path to enlightenment.

Previously, I led a career in the printing industry as an Account Manager for 13 years, and currently I do modelling work as well as teaching Yoga.


From an early stage in life, I have been searching for a missing link, the specifics of which I did not understand. A search for meaning brought me to Yoga. It was there that I found what I have been looking for: the logic of life. Thanks to these teachings, I have started to understand more about how life works, and how I can get back in control over my thoughts, emotions and senses. My life has started feeling more peaceful and continues to develop.  


The teachings and practices I receive from my teacher, Śri Yogācārya Ajīta Mahārāja, have manifested the transforming effects I was searching for. Several extraordinary dreams and visions cleared the path for me and showed me it was time to start teaching. It is my mission to spread the valuable knowledge of Yoga and to rectify the abuses and misconceptions that have occurred towards Yoga over the years.

I am being personally trained by Ajīta to be a Yoga Master. By following his worldwide recognized path I have his blessing, as well as the knowledge and competence to teach. 

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