Yoga for you?

Anybody can practice Yoga, including you. All it takes is good will and a smile. You do not have to be young, supple, or strong. Our systematic, age-old program can work for anyone, with the help of time. You will follow your own pace, within the bounds of your specific capacities. Your teacher, Wesley (Rāma), will help you.

Since antiquity, the sages of the East tell us that one can become happy and healthy by practicing Yoga. However, they did not mean a superficial, merely physically-oriented yoga, but the complete, classical Yoga training, with all the different Yoga styles included.

Although the content of the training is orthodox, the approach is special: you are free to decide for yourself what you want and when it suits you. With these elements there is the possibility of growth in intellect. There is a significant focus on physical postures. The atmosphere during the lessons is open, calm and relaxed, yet sometimes challenging.

The combination of orthodox content and an onorthodox approach has a refreshing result: your body is purified, healthier and stronger. Your illnesses can be remedied successfully and the quality of your concentration improves tremendously. The results are impressive and in accordance with the original Yoga scriptures.

The executed practice is supported by theory. You will be offered teachings about many profound and interesting subjects from the ancient Yoga scriptures that can be applied in daily life. 

The Yoga system shows that by proper observation you can find the same natural processes both in nature as in humans themselves. Because human and nature are not contradictory, but equal to each other, once this mutuality is discovered one becomes healthier, happier and more peaceful.  

The balancing of the different elements of the human being indicates a good linkage, or path of least resistance. You become aware that a universal flow runs through you. 

This flow, or connection, is called Yoga or Unification.

Yoga is not a stiff discipline or simply an hour of physical poses but a vivid and fascinating adventure.

If your interest has been sparked, please don't hesitate to apply for an introduction talk.

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